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Dr. King’s E.I. Mentality

Happy MLK Day 2022! We celebrate the important civil rights activist, which made such a lasting impact on American society. Many of us are familiar

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Worldwide E.I. Philosophy

Great News: E.I. Community – I am pleased to inform you that our E.I. Financial Empowerment Philosophy is now practiced by people living in five

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10 Ways to Be Financially Fit

For many people in the United States of America or even other countries, there have been constant difficulties to balance between income and expenditure. Have

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16 Ways to Save Money

“Money is the medium by which earthly success is measured.” Often it becomes a very big problem when money slips off your hands with no hope of returning or replacement. This article is going to be interesting, yet educative for those who have just realized the upshots of recession.

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Pay for Quality

Remember being Economically Intelligent does not always mean that you should buy products that cost less money. In some cases, you have to pay more

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Invest in good vitamins

Invest in good vitamins to reduce chances of catching common colds and viruses! You can save hundreds of dollars by being able to avoid trips

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Top 5 Ways to be Debt Free

Being physically fit is a priority for most and very well should be, but becoming financially fit or debt free should be equally as important.

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