Worldwide E.I. Philosophy

Great News:

E.I. Community – I am pleased to inform you that our E.I. Financial Empowerment Philosophy is now practiced by people living in five (5)  continents around the world. These continents are, North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Australia/Oceania. Yes, the E.I. Philosophy is now practiced and applied worldwide!

Positive Feedback:

I receive a lot of email correspondence from people around the globe thanking me and the E.I. Community for sharing the E.I. philosophy. It comes with great satisfaction to read about financial success stories from people of different backgrounds and cultures.  Beyond selling books and conductin virtual workshops for people, my greatest accomplishment as a Financial Coach is to know that many individual lives have changed for the good because of the E.I. Philosophy.

New Goal:

Moving forward, my new goal is to expand the E.I. Philosophy outreach to the remaining two (2) continents: Asia and Antarctica.  I want to people in the continent of Asia and Antarctica to reap the benefits of being economically intelligent. I ask of the E.I. Community to help me achieve this goal by the end of 2021. Lets share the E.I. philosophy with people by social media and email correspondence. I plan to host several virtual E.I. learning sessions for financial organizations in Asian and Antarctican countries within the next several months.


We are making great strides and progress; however, we still have a long way to go before the E.I. Philosophy is readily known in every continent. Thanks for your hard work in helping me spread the E.I. Philosophy to five continents, and thanks in advance for helping me spread the E.I. Philosophy to Asia and Antarctica. Take care, be safe, and to all Mothers – Happy Mother’s Day.

Best Regards,

Jeremy G. Preston, CEO

E.I. Enterprise LLC

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