E.I. = $ Book Sequel Update

Book Sequel News

The “E.I. = $” Book Sequel Project was delayed for several years primarily due to the process associated with changing book publishers. In addition to the book publishing change, the manuscript for the “E.I. = $” Sequel is currently being revised to address additional financial topics (e.g. Financial Stability During a COVID Pandemic).

Worth the Wait

The author, Mr. Jeremy Preston, has decided to spend additional time developing this sequel to ensure that his readers get the best financial empowerment knowledge and guidance ever. This book sequel will definitely be worth the wait!!!

Forecast Schedule

The sequel manuscript development is currently in progress. Sequel manuscript draft is forecasted to be complete by the Spring 2021. The review and editing phase is forecasted to be complete by Summer 2021. The E.I. book sequel is forecasted to be published by early (Winter) 2022.

We will periodically post updates on the progress of this long, anticipated book sequel.


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