Where to get Financial Advice for Students

There are many places for students to get financial advice these days. The most obvious place for advice would be at home, from parents. Since too many students would prefer not to ask their parents for advice, here are some other good places to seek financial advice and help.

Student Services Department at School

Most colleges and universities have counselling available for financial advice that relates to the cost of attendance at their school. They can also provide information and advice about seeking and managing loans to help pay for school expenses.

Dummies Books

Regardless of the title, Books for Dummies have a great offering of financial advice attended specifically for students. The books are well written, provide timely advice and are universally appreciated by students who use them. Parents that wish to help their student can purchase such books. That will assure the student gets good advice without having to discuss financial matters with their parents.

School Library

The libraries of colleges and universities often have excellent publications that offer excellent financial advice. It may even be possible to find the Dummies books for students in some campus libraries.

Student Peer Group Advice

Often other students have ideas about managing finances. This type of advice can be a good example of how to proceed. It can also be a good example of how not to proceed. Any student receiving advice from a fellow student is best advised to confirm the validity and usefulness of such advice from another, independent, source.

The Internet

A quick search for the term “financial advice for students” or “live frugal as a college student” will provide more links to advice than a student will have time to check out. Make sure any advice you find on the internet is vetted by a second, independent and non-Internet source.

Tips for Healthy Student Finances

Always plan ahead. Keep track of your expenses and limit purchases to items necessary to do well in your studies.

If you are working, try to pay, at least, some of the interest on your student loans

Cut the expense for your course books. Almost every textbook can be bought online for as much as a 50 percent discount off the new book price. Many campuses have book rental programs. You may also find students that already took the same course, offering their books at a fraction of the original cost. Make sure you offer your used course textbooks for other students to buy.
These are great places to get financial advice and ppi claim.

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