6 Affordable Christmas Gifts for College Students

1. Laptops

With the revolution of technology, laptops are here to stay. Nobody can deny the fact that a laptop in the hand of a college student is the perfect gift that he/she can receive. With the ever-increasing necessity for education, the days at college are something that molds the student’s life. That said, if you have a child in college you should consider getting them laptop to make studying easier and you’d be surprised at how cheaply a lot of them are priced. I have seen them for under $350.00

2. Shelves

College students need places in their dorms to place books or even that left over pizza box from yesterday’s breakfast. Many stores, like Wal-Mart for example, have elegant shelving for modest prices.

3. Bike

College life is the most influential stage of a person’s life. These people have dreams that had taken 16 or 17 years to sustain. Buying a bike for them is a quite an affordable Christmas gift idea. It is very economical for getting around on campus.

4. Recurring deposit

Money is the most sensitive aspect of life. Just as borrowing may damage the friendship of two persons, starting a recurring deposit in your college students name is something prudent since they will understand the value of money. This could be something modest, or maybe something used as a motivator for doing well.

5. Helping with rent

Life will go at an even pace if the student studies well during his/her college days. Most probably, there will be no roller-coaster ride in life since he/she has studied well during his/her threshold of youth. Helping with rent during those times of working 2 jobs and going to school full time, would be a great way of instilling mature financial decisions and easing the stress load of your college student.

6. Indoor Games

There goes a saying that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. In this regard, it is really a wise effort to buy indoor games as a gift for your college student. Indoor games are really affordable and in today’s world there are lots. If they have a PS3 or Xbox360, games for those systems would great!

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