10 Tips to Save, You Haven’t Been Doing These

This list compiles some grade A ways to save money while still treating yourself a little. Check them out!


Photo Courtesy of savingstoolbox.com

  1. Try designer jeans on at the department store to find your size, and then buy them online at EBay.  Sites like, www.hautelook.com, has designer sample sales for those who cannot afford the designer price or those who are save money and still get the look.
  2. Shop online.  It’s the easiest way to compare products, try Google product search.  Shop at a place that offers free shipping and returns.  Plus, you don’t have to waste your gas!
  3. Plant a garden.  Growing your own veggies cuts on grocery expense, plus it’s a good stress reliever. Even a few pots with tomatoes or peppers will help you save money.
  4. If your employer doesn’t offer a 401K, consider opening your own IRA and have the money automatically withdrawn every month.
  5. Do your research on your vehicle.  Add items to your car that will increase fuel efficiency to save money on fuel.  Check out a chip for your car that actually tells the car how to conserve gas and cold air intakes.  It might cost a bit but should save about $900 a year on gas (depending on make/model/etc).  It should pay for itself within 14 months.  Within 5 years, you could save nearly $4,000.
  6. Check out your local beauty school.  Students usually go the extra mile and cuts are very cheap.  The schools also offer manicures and facials at significantly lower prices. Every little bit adds up, put it in your savings!
  7. Make sure that you do not have too much insurance.  You can save quite a bit of money by changing your deductible from $50-$250 to $1000.  Shop for these prices every couple of years.
  8. For your home phone, have you heard of Skype?  It’s free video calling.  Instead of calling long distance or using minutes on your cell phone, sit by the computer and actually see the person you are talking to.  It’s great, especially for those who have loved ones overseas.
  9. Sign up for sites such as Credit Karma.  It gives you your credit score (for free, no credit card needed) and shows ways to save money on your credit cards, loans, and even bank accounts. Also sites like Cardpower or Offermatic. These sites give you free rewards for linking your debit card.
  10. Free budgeting software is always a good thing to have.  Check out Mint.com.  It will help you track and analyze your finances. This way you can stay on track with your spending and save as much money as you can.

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