New Website Launched

Welcome to the new E.I. Website

Greetings E.I. Empowerment Community and website visitors! Welcome to the new and improved The E.I. Solution website that was launched on the week of January 18th, 2021. This new website provides a wealth of information regarding financial literacy and economic education. My staff and I have devoted a considerable amount of time to ensure that this new website offers free financial literacy information that can be accessed and utilized at any time. I want to encourage you to access and utilize the free financial information that is available to you per this new website.

Free Financial Resources:

In addition to the free financial resources, you can support the E.I. Empowerment Community by submitting an E.I. Tip. The E.I. Tip should be a creative way or method to save money, reduce debt, or make a wise investment.

Virtual Financial Coaching:

Even more, the website offers a means for individuals to obtain Virtual Financial Coaching. A great activity during lock down and quarantines is to sign-up for a virtual finance coaching session.

I hope you all take advantage of this new website. Big thanks to SpyderWeb Dev for designing, constructing, and managing this new website. Be blessed; be E.I.

Best Regards,

Jeremy G. Preston, CEO

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