What is a good age to begin to learn the E.I. Financial Literacy Philosophy?

I believe that the target age to begin teaching the E.I. Philosophy is 13 years old. At 13, youth should begin learning key principles of money management such as avoiding unnecessary expenditures and  saving for a rainy day.  The idea is by the time a young adult is 18, he or she is financially responsible enough to avoid the financial pitfalls (i.e. overspending, credit card debt, no savings, etc.) that hinder many people from securing a solid financial future.

Although 13 is the target age for financial education growth, Mr. Preston encourages parents to begin teaching their children basic financial principles as early as their kindergarten years. Mr. Preston is a huge advocate of teaching children basic financial principles at an early age. Parents can increase their child’s chances of growing up to become a financially successful adult by simply giving their child (or children) a jumpstart on their financial education.

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